How to choose what type of website you need

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There are many basic types of websites; which one is correct for you?

Because you are asking this question, we will answer with the most basic types of websites.  Before you try to understand what follows, take a moment and think about what you want your website to do.  Here are some questions you may want to answer for yourself before you contact any website designers.   By answering these questions for yourself first, website designers will be much better prepared to understand your needs and desires.  The designer will be able to present the best choices at the best cost to you.

The most expensive part of every website is indecision.  Not knowing what you want can lead to expensive changes during the selection and design process.

What is the main purpose for your website?

  • Will your website's primary function be to simply replace your ad in the yellow pages?
  • Do you want to sell items or services over the internet?
  • Do you want to stay in touch with current, former, and future customers?  Do you want to build a database of email addresses for marketing?
  • Do you want to track inventory and/or company assets?
  • Do you want a website for your club, school, or homeowner association?
  • What kind of content will your website provide?
  • How often will your website be updated / changed?  Do you want to do the updates yourself?  Do you want an employee with no website training to be able to handle the updates for you?  How computer tech-savvy are you at this time?